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Phone Scam

I’m getting robocalls from US Dealer Services? Is that you?

We want you to know these calls are not coming from this US Dealer Service and we have no affiliation with “Vehicle Dealer Services.” These callers are falsely identifying themselves and using spoofed phone numbers. This is illegal and we’re very sorry you’ve been dealing with this. We are working to identify the source of the calls and have notified the FTC and the Attorney General’s office in every state about this issue.

Who are you?

We are a family owned business and our coverage is only sold through licensed dealerships and financial institutions, we never market directly to consumers. Because our legal name is similar to the name given by the callers, there’s been a lot of confusion.

Why can’t you fix this?

We wish we could. We’re working with authorities to try to identify those responsible and put an end to the spam calls. However, the investigation is still in progress. If you have any information that could help us identify these callers, you can reach out to [email protected] Or Dial (323) 208-0440

Can you put me on the Do Not Call list?

Unfortunately we have no control over who receives these calls because they’re not from us. We can provide you with several resources that can help protect your privacy:
National Do Not Call Registry
You may choose to register for the FTC’s National Do Not Call Registry at www.donotcall.gov. You can report an unwanted call to the FTC at complaints.donotcall.gov or 1 (800) 382-1222.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)
You may file a formal complaint with BBB using the company name “National Dealer Services”. BBB maintains a report on this caller that can be accessed by clicking here.

What should I do when I receive these calls?

If you plan to report the caller, be sure to document as many details as you can about the call.

Why does your number show up when I receive these calls?

Call spoofing enables scammers to place calls showing fake or stolen numbers, including our own. This is part of the reason that it is so difficult to track them.